Great Wild & Co.

A CREATIVE posse Hell-bent on SAVing THE PLANET


The outdoor & Adventure Film Company.

Your tribe is one of adventure; of crackling campfires and wild skies.

Your followers are those who stray from the tyranny of mediocrity and into the clutches of a good story. They trek, and traipse, and roam, and trudge, and blaze new trails with you. Because around your fire, they revel in your stories of great wilderness and even greater pursuits, of crinkled maps and an open road. And these stories awaken in us something true, something fierce. They make us wild again. And those are the stories worth telling.

We tell stories for you. for your tribe.


Great Wild & Company is a group of filmmakers, creatives, and explorers inspired by the outdoor community. We have a credo that serves as our "guiding star." People have told us it's crazy - we call it tenacious.


Adventure is our currency. Your story, our passion.

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We collaborate with companies and non-profits who inspire us to explore, nurture, and preserve the natural world.